Clients refers to the section where you can view, add and edit the customers that you deal with. You will be able to add customers individually or you will be able to import a list of clients. From this page you can manage client information, company details, currencies, workflows,, Sales reps, pricelists and addresses.

Adding a new client

  1. Click on the Add Client Icon.

  2. Enter in the company details. You will need to enter a Company name as this is a requirement.

  3. Enter in the default settings. You will need to enter in the Tax Type, Payment Due Date and the Currency as these are required fields.

  4. Enter in the Default Contact Person. You will need to enter in the Contact Person, Surname and Email address as these are required fields.

  5. You can fill in the postal and physical addresses but these are not required.

  6. you will see two additional tabs at the top of the page, Additional Contacts and Pricelists.

  7. Click on additional Contacts and enter the details for any additional contact persons.

  8. Click on Pricelists and select a pricelist for this client from the dropdown.

  9. Once you are done you can click on the create button on the bottom right of the page.

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