Setting up additional workflows

Workflows make sure that your team are completing the tasks necessary to avoid issues when working through a project and ultimately building customer satisfaction.

Set Up Your Workflows

Project Workflows allow the merchants to set up the steps and processes of a project from start to finish. The merchant will be able to choose what users or user groups will be able to manage different steps of the workflow process.

Create a New Workflow

1. Click on the Settings Icon

2. Select Workflow Manager

3. Select the New Button in the top right-hand corner

4. Select your industry, which documents you would like created, approval steps when payment is required, if you require artwork or quality control, sample orders and if you are tracking stock

5. Click Next

6. Enter a Workflow Name

7. Select a template you would like to use if available, otherwise click Create

8. You will be able to add Steps to your workflow by clicking on the Add New Step

i. When adding a new step, first select an action and then name the action. Example: Select call client and name it Order Confirmation.

ii. Once you have added the Action, you can add specific user Access, Role Access, Alerts and State if the step is required.

9. Once you have added all the steps for each section of the workflow click Save.

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