Category Manager

The Category Manager allows you to manage your categories, which are used to group multiple products together into a single group. This allows you to divide your product catalogue into manageable groups.

Categories have a hierarchical layout, meaning that a you can have multiple categories as sub-categories of another category.


  • Clothing

  • Clothing / Shirts

  • Clothing / Pants

Creating a new category

  1. Navigate to the Data Management page by clicking on the Settings icon and clicking on the Data Management option, and then selecting the categories tab - OR, select the Products navbar icon, and then select Categories Management to navigate directly to the categories tab on the Data Management page.

  2. Click on the Add Category button in the top right.

  3. Enter the category name, description, and parent category. The category name is the only required field. Click the confirm button when you are happy with the category details.

Editing a category

  1. Select the category action dropdown and click on the Edit button.

  2. Enter the new details for the category select confirm.

Deleting a category

  1. Select the category action dropdown and click on the Delete button.

  2. Select Confirm on the confirmation dialog.

When attempting to delete a category that is in use, you will be presented with an option to relink the products which are using this category.

  1. Select Yes on the Category in Use dialog.

  2. Select a replacement category from the dropdown.

    • You may select 'None' if you just want to remove the category and not replace it with another category.

  3. Select I Understand to confirm the products that will be updated.

  4. Select Yes to confirm that these actions cannot be undone.

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