New Report: Cost of Sale by Supplier

We have created a new report that allows you to see how much you spend with each supplier per customer and sales rep, allowing you to have more transparency in your spending and profit.

Xero - Tracking Categories

Think of Xero tracking categories like labels you put on your income and expenses. You can create labels like "Project" or "Sales Rep". This helps you sort your financial information into groups. So, you can easily see how much money you're making on different projects or track which sales reps are bringing in the most business. Tracking categories helps you understand the different parts of your business better! OrderEazi now allows you to include these tracking categories in the synchronised data to Xero.

Minor Updates & Fixes

  • OrderEazi will now track and trace the serials used during a multi-dispatch

  • The advanced workspace filters now include the workflow

  • The workspace export will now include the addresses specified on each project

  • The workspace export will also include the delivery date of the project if it was captured

  • Update Xero API to use the latest fields added

  • You now have the option of displaying the customer's code on OrderEazi, and all documents generated

  • The tax and company registration numbers will display on Tax Invoices generated by OrderEazi if available

  • The commission report will include expenses to ensure your reporting is accurate

  • You can now uninstall an app yourself, ensuring you are in complete control of your OrderEazi instance

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