Data Management

We have added Reporting Groups and Tags to the Data Management section (under Settings) in our drive to consolidate these types of data in one convenient place.

If you would like to know more, please reach out to us at support@ordereazi.com

Client Tax

The VAT/Tax selection for a customer is no longer locked once you create a new project; instead, the customer's VAT/Tax settings are applied to the project when it is created. This will allow you to change the VAT/Tax setting for a customer at any time.

Xero Statements

If you are linked to Xero as your accounting system, you can pull statements for a client directly from OrderEazi. The new function is on the right-hand side of the action menu when viewing the client listing.

Minor Updates & Fixes

  • Supplier feeds can now provide direct access to a product page if it is available

  • The Amrod app will now synchronise branding position images and documentation when they are available for a product. This information will be displayed in the Universal Branding Calculator when choosing positions to brand.

  • The GP report will not display new columns for invoiced and non-invoiced

  • Updated the way journals are synchronised to Xero

  • Minor updates and fixes to the Customer Zone

  • The SkyNet courier app's automatic consignment functionality has been made more stable

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