Product Catalogue Management Updates

  • OrderEazi can now store the Brand for a product.

  • We have added a new item type called Courier - This item will specifically show up on the new Courier Report.

  • Make sure you have given permission to all the users that require access to this new report.

Project Delivery Address

The project delivery address field name has changed to β€œShip To” when you work on a project.

Any change to any of the fields in the Ship To section will be recorded against your name in the project history.

Document Barcodes

OrderEazi can now display a barcode on its generated documents, such as Quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to name a few.

You can allow this to be displayed on your documents from the Organisation settings and choose the symbology for the barcode.

Barcode Management

You can now easily manage the barcodes associated with your products on OrderEazi.

This functionality is only available to customers on the Enterprise license.

General Fixes and Updates

  • You can now remove image uploads from the workflow if you undo steps.

  • Certain workflow actions can now be completed without having lines on your project.

  • Date issues on inbound and outbound reporting have been fixed.

  • You will now see GP and GP% on branding services when using the UBC or the Variant selector.

  • You can now reliably add or update Terms and Conditions for all document types.

  • You can now reliably add or update your company logo.

  • The inventory module will show the captured Due Date of a Purchase Order on the PO Listing screen, instead of the Project Due Date.

  • Certain document actions are no longer available after a project has been completed.

  • You can now reliably manage your sales channels.

  • Various spelling mistakes have been fixed.

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