Data Importers

OrderEazi now supports seamless data imports of products, suppliers, and customers via Excel sheets. To simplify your initial import, we've provided easy-to-use templates. Additionally, we've introduced guided tours to assist you throughout the data import process.


Moving forward, OrderEazi will adopt a pricelist-based pricing system. Your existing data will automatically transition to a default pricelist. For a comprehensive understanding of pricelists, please reach out to your account manager to schedule a consultation

Fulfillment Manager

Introducing the Fulfillment Manager in this version of OrderEazi. This feature empowers you to consolidate projects into a single shipment, obtain quotes from preferred couriers, and ship them together efficiently. For insights into how the Fulfillment Manager operates, please contact your account manager or schedule a consultation.

Minor updates and fixes

  • Numerous updates and enhancements for seamless integration with the Palladium accounting system.

  • A correction has been applied to the HubSpot integrator when creating deals.

  • Added permissions for viewing, installing, and configuring apps.

  • Fixed the display of the delivery note signature section (Enterprise only).

  • Retrieve courier tracking information (when available) for a project via the OrderEazi API.

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