OrderEazi Apps are here!

Apps open infinite integration possibilities for OrderEazi.

  • Do you need to connect to a CRM? Create an app!

  • Do you want to send data to a flat file somewhere? Create an app!

  • Do you need something specific developed for you, by your own developers? Create an app!

  • Have an idea for an app? Schedule a call or reach out to us here

Supplier Feed Integrations

We have completely re-implemented supplier feeds in OrderEazi.

It is now easier than ever to connect to your suppliers and synchronize not only product data, but your pricing and the supplierโ€™s stock levels will also be synchronized.

As time goes by, we will be adding more and more suppliers to the list.

If you have a special request for a feed, please reach out to us here


It is now possible to set up a webhook for stock-level changes in any warehouse.

This will come in handy when integrating with e-commerce applications and websites.


The OrderEazi API has been significantly expanded with this release, and there are lots more to come in the next couple of releases.

View the API documentation on https://<;yoursite>.ordereasy.co.za/api

General Fixes and Updates

  • Picking will now display the size curve and colour code for more accuracy.

  • Fixed an issue with the downloading of a distribution list.

  • Updated the display of dashboard items on smaller screens.

  • Project history is more accurate and shows more information.

  • Updated the inventory module dashboard with a new graph showing the movement of orders per day, and per week.

  • Updated product search and allowed a more accurate search for products with non-text characters in the code.

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