The Default Workflow

When a new project is created using the default (unedited) workflow, the process follows these steps:

  1. The user will begin setting up their project - capture client details and add line items to the project, once that is done you can send out quotes as needed

  2. Order Approval - This step will advance the project to the "Approved" stage and generate a Sales Order, the accounts team or assigned user will now confirm that a payment has been received and once confirmed will complete the step

  3. Payment received - The order advances from the "Approved" stage to the "Work in Progress" stage and the user is now able to raise Purchase Orders and/or Tax Invoices. Once your vendors have confirmed your orders have been accepted you can complete the step

  4. "Ready for Production" - Signalling that the order is now being prepped. Once production is completed you can complete the step

  5. "Ready for Delivery" signals that the order can be dispatched to your customer. Once the order has arrived at the customer you will complete the step

  6. "Delivered" signals that you have confirmed that all invoices have been captured and the admin for this project is complete

  7. "Completed" This will move the order out of "Work in progress" and into the "Completed" stage

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