Adresses in OrderEazi

This release includes a significant change to the way addresses work. We will no longer use generic names like "postal address 3" but more specific names like "Suburb" and "City." This has been updated throughout OrderEazi, right down to the database level. When this goes live, we will migrate your data from the old fields to the new, but this is challenging and not 100% accurate, so we update the data as best we can. The adage of garbage in and garbage out applies here because you might see a city appearing in a province field or even a street number appearing in the city field. We will work with our customers where there are issues and assist with updates.

Workspace Section Edits

A long overdue update to OrderEazi will allow you to update your section names. This gives you control over what your reps see; we do not need to configure this on your behalf. 🙂 You can also make this change any time you like, as many times as you want.

New Apps

Supplier Feed for Axiz added

Minor Updates & Fixes

  • Returning serialised items have been updated, and some bugs were corrected (Enterprise only)

  • The multi-dispatch listing has been updated to display more relevant information (Enterprise only)

  • Cycle counts will now display in Item Movement reports (Enterprise only)

  • Performance enhancement for the product listing page

  • Changing a SKU on a project will now also update the colour and size of the line on the project

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