Customer Workflows

You are now able to link a customer to a specific workflow. Here's how it works:

When creating a new project and selecting a customer with a linked workflow, OrderEazi will prompt you to switch to the customer-specific workflow. This streamlines your project setup process, ensuring you're on the right track from the start.

Customer Projects Report

We've added a new reporting feature that provides a comprehensive view of all projects associated with a specific customer:

  • The report can be effortlessly downloaded as an Excel file.

  • Projects are conveniently organized across tabs, mirroring your workflow structure for easy navigation.

  • Access this report under the action menu in the customer listing screen (available to users with customer export permissions).

Minor updates and fixes

  • Corrected an issue where project history was not displaying in certain cases, ensuring you have complete visibility into your project's evolution.

  • Addressed a problem with the HubSpot integration app, which was previously halting the flow of new deals due to data discrepancies. This issue has been resolved, ensuring seamless integration with HubSpot.

  • Updated the Amrod supplier feed app to accommodate changes in data from the API, ensuring you have access to the latest information from your supplier.

  • Fixed inconsistencies in the SageOne integration related to the retrieval of customer payments and allocations, ensuring accurate financial data synchronization.

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