Margin Calculations

Historically, OrderEazi could only deal with Markup calculations to determine the selling price of items, but now that has been extended to include margin calculations. This functionality is available to all OrderEazi licenses and is controlled by settings in the "Organization settings". If you have both margin and markup enabled, you will be able to switch between the calculations on a project, and even set the type of calculation on a specific line! If you want to know more about margin calculations in OrderEazi, please book a slot with one of our experts here

Universal Branding Calculator (UBC)

We are proud to announce that our UBC is going live for all customers. Working closely with our customers we were able to ensure that the UBC is ready for prime time. If you want to know more about the UBC, how it works and what it can do for you, please book a slot with one of our experts here

Minor updates and fixes

  • When picking stock we now display the project description.

  • When working with multiple currencies it was unclear what currency the exchange rate applies to

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases you were not able to assign users to stock takes

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases you were not able to view the list of customer deliveries

  • The project's exchange rate is now stored in the project history when changed

  • In some cases, merge fields were not being merged for supplier-based actions on projects, this has been fixed

  • Corrected: You can now add notes to project lines again

  • Corrected: Stock-level edits will no longer show a spinner forever

  • Updated the rendering of charts on the dashboard

  • Corrected: Duplicating projects with a past due date getting stuck on a loading screen

  • Added: Display the stock available for variants when using the branding calculator or the variant builder

  • Corrected: In some scenarios, the settings for documents on a workflow were not saved

  • Added: You will now get a clear message if a label printer is not set up for your workstation

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