Fulfillment Manager

The updates to the fulfillment manager allow you to search better to find and ship your projects. We have added paging and a new tab that houses your completed shipments to reduce clutter.

Xero Allocations and Overpayments

We have revamped how we deal with allocations (payments) and introduced Xero's overpayments(deposits) into OrderEazi. This allows you to manage your payments in Xero or OrderEazi, and all of the relevant information will be synchronized between the two systems, allowing your staff to see payment information on a project.

If you would like to start using this feature and are a bit unsure about how this works, please reach out to us to schedule a short training session.

New Apps

  • Syntech - supplier feed

  • WooCommerce - sales channel

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • You can now export your users from the user listing

  • Removed the display of the warehouse indicator on documents for licenses that do not have access to inventory.

  • Minor corrections to the fulfillment manager display.

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