Backorder Report

Significant updates have been made to this report. It will now clearly show the amounts that must still be invoiced and what has been invoiced at the time of pulling the report. You will also see the invoice numbers for partially invoiced projects. When you export the report, the export contains direct links to the projects on the report.

Also, a new raw data sheet has been added for use in further reporting.

Minor Changes & Fixes

  • The sales report now has a sheet that displays the raw data for your input parameters

  • Removed duplicated permissions

  • When using the Pick for Stock feature, you will have more options on the project line

  • Updated the API endpoint for project creation to better handle faulty inputs

  • The project stage report has been removed from OE in favour of using the workspace to find the same data

  • The workspace will now show monetary values correctly and in your home currency

  • You are now able to void Proforma Invoices for a project on the document tab

  • A project line will now display how much of the stock on that line has been receipted and picked (Enterprise only)

  • We have added more information to the product listing screens

  • Fixed an issue where the Shipment Manager always shows a loader when there are no shipments

  • We now exclude expenses from the "Zero Selling" document option when using Xero as your accounting system

  • Fixed an issue where the unit cost for expenses does not show anymore

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