Additional Contacts

It is now possible to easily switch between default and additional contacts on a project. You can also distinguish between the default and additional contacts right on the project view, making sure you deal with the right person on your customer's end.

Minor updates and fixes

  • You will see additional help when there are standard issues synchronizing OE data to your accounting package.

  • It is now possible to require an address before allowing a quote to be created. Look for the setting that controls this in the organization settings screens.

  • Updated wording on document settings to clearly indicate that the setting controls the visibility of total and VAT on generated documents.

  • Feed: Your own descriptions will not be overwritten by supplier feed data. This is only applicable if you have changed the descriptions of products.

  • Updated the webhook user interface.

  • Fixed the issue with broken quote attachments on emails.

  • Credit limit checks are now accurately applied based on the settings set on a user's profile.

  • We now allow all characters to be entered as a VAT reference (previously it was only numbers).

  • Daily Metrics reports can now be exported again.

  • The distribution list template can now be downloaded again.

  • Sometimes there were two (2) sales orders generated for a project with specific settings, the issue has been resolved.

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