GRV Void (Enterprise Only)

You can now void a GRV on OrderEazi! Voiding a GRV will remove the stock that was received to allow you to create a GRV again. This helps if someone made a mistake during the receiving process.

Box Sizes - Packing Screen (Enterprise Only)

You will now be able to select the size and enter the weight for boxes on the repacking screen. This option will only be available to your users if the setting was turned on in Organization Settings.

Stocktakes and Cycle Counts (Enterprise Only)

When doing stocktakes and cycle counts you can now opt to display the details of the products to the counters. This option is off by default and can be enabled in the Organization Settings.

Closed Orders -> Rejected Orders

The wording of "Closed Orders" in OrderEazi has been changed to "Rejected Orders". This distinguishes rejected orders visually and logically in the system, as the wording of "Closed" was visually too close to "Completed". This was especially bothersome on the workspace view.

PDF Template updates

PDFs can now have multiple appendices added. Previously you could only add one "Terms and Conditions" to your PDFs. Now you can add as many as you like!You are also able to add additional signature or certification imagery to your PDFs by uploading additional images in Organization Settings.

Tax Settings Update

An update was made to OrderEazi to display wording for different tax number schemes used in different countries.This will automatically activate and is based on the country selected for the physical addresses of the organization, clients and suppliers. This wording will appear on all documents/PDFs generated by OrderEazi.

Customer Stock Picking (Enterprise Only)

You spoke and we listened! We have created the ability to pick stock from your stores with a 0 value. This allows for the system to deal with certain consignment stock scenarios easily and efficiently from the Sales Module. Please reach out to us for training on how to activate this at support@ordereasy.co.za

Minor updates and fixes

  • Trip sheets will now indicate that they were drop shipped on the trip sheet listing screen

  • Removed unused database fields

  • Added the number of quotes sent, the number of approved orders and the number of invoices generated to the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Report

  • Added Project Number and Delivery date to the generated Sales Order PDF documents

  • Corrected an issue with totals for GRVs and also included the totals on Supplier Invoices

  • Xero document sync delays have been dealt with and will be much faster after this release

  • Corrected an issue with movements created from clients' returns that did not have any lines on them

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