Tags are modifiers you can associate with projects, which are displayed on the workspace. Using tags can solve many business problems, for example, you can classify a project that might need special attention because it is for an important client.

Creating Tags

You can create tags in two ways on OrderEazi.

Tag creation on a project

The first option is to click the Tag button after you have selected a client for your project. this will display a search so you can find an existing tag, but if your tag does not exist yet, it will be added and associated with the project immediately.

Tag creation in Data Management

You can also create new tags in the Data Management area by navigating to the Tags tab on the Data Management page and then clicking the Add Tag link located at the top right of the tag listing. A modal will appear where you can set the name of the new tag.

All tags will have their names uppercased when added to the system

Updating Tags

You can only change a tag on the Data Management page. You can update all available tags at once.

You can set the background color and text color of a tag by clicking into the textbox for each property and selecting a suitable color from the predefined colors or from the color picker.

Once you are done with your changes, press the save button located at the bottom right to save all your changes at once.

Deleting Tags

You can only delete tags using the Tags data manager. At the end of each row in the tags listing, the is an action dropdown that will allow you to select an action.

When you select Delete, you must confirm that you want to delete the tag in question. When you confirm the deletion of a tag, it will be removed from your OrderEazi instance and all associations with projects will also be deleted.

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