Demand Report

  • Introducing the Demand Report in this version of OrderEazi. This report allows you to view the demand for your products and create a new project if you wish to order these products in bulk.

  • For insights into how the Demand Report operates, please contact your account manager or schedule a consultation.


We have implemented an enormous set of features centered around dealing with serialised products on the sales and inventory sides of the system. Serialisation as a feature in OrderEazi is nearing completion and will become available to use this side of 2023. Be on the lookout for comms regarding the release and feature set we will offer.

New Apps

  • Trade Only Gifts - supplier feed

  • Rectron - supplier feed

Performance Enhancements

In this release, you will find that viewing and working with a project on the sales side is more performant. Especially when adding new lines to large projects. Sending orders to our API is also significantly faster, this ensures that your integrations into OrderEazi respond as fast as possible. We are continually enhancing the performance of the system, and if you feel there is an area that must be addressed, please reach out to us by sending an email to support@ordereazi.com


We have made multiple updates to the workspace specifically around sorting data in each section and allowing more fields to be searchable. The search performance has also been improved significantly.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Filters on picking slip listing will not fire twice anymore

  • Invalid box count and box number display corrected for trip sheets

  • Updates to the OrderEazi API

    • Getting products will now return base codes as well

    • All endpoints using a product code on the URL must be URL-encoded

    • All suppliers for a product will be returned when getting products

  • Multiple updates to the displayed data on the workspace, and better visibility of the progress in the warehouse (Enterprise only)

  • Amrod App: product dimensions are now synced through to OrderEazi as well

  • You can now add project lines between other project lines, making it easier to structure your project and resulting documentation

  • Trip sheet listing is now able to sort properly (Enterprise only)

  • The product export function will now emit valid URLs for images

  • SkyNet app: Implemented automatic consignment creation

  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Organisation settings from saving properly

  • Tax/VAT numbers can now be alphanumeric, previously it was only numeric

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