5.13.0 | 5.13.1

Performance Enhancements

We've initiated a drive to enhance the system's performance in specific areas. In this release, we're pleased to introduce performance improvements tailored to the allocation of picking slips. These enhancements significantly accelerate the performance of the Cross Docking process. Please note that this update is exclusive to users with the Enterprise license.

Email Triggers

We're introducing multiple triggers that, when activated, will automatically send notifications to sales representatives upon the completion of various warehouse processes. These processes include:

  • Notification upon the completion of a Goods Received Voucher (GRV).

  • Alert when a delivery note is ready for dispatch.

  • Notification when a delivery note has been dispatched on a tripsheet.

  • Notification when your customer signs for a delivery note.

Minor updates and fixes

In addition to the notable improvements mentioned above, we've implemented various updates and fixes to enhance your overall experience:

  • Streamlined integration with the Palladium accounting system.

  • Added the ability to remove line notes.

  • Introduced a new permission for expenses, allowing users to view project expenses without the ability to add or edit them.

  • Included a new webhook to alert when a serial number has been allocated.

  • Document URLs have been integrated into the API endpoint responsible for retrieving project documents.

  • Resolved issues related to some payments not reflecting accurately.

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