Data Management - Industry Manager

In the next few weeks, we will release various data management tools. These tools assist you in managing lookup data, such as industries. We also add access to create, update and delete this data via our API. In this release, we are adding the highly requested Industry Manager. These new data managers can be found in your OrderEazi under Settings > Data Management.

Reassigning Salesreps

Another highly requested feature is to move projects from one sales rep to another. To address this, we have added a new Bulk Operations functionality. First, you need to have or give access to this function in the permissions for a user or a role.

Then a new option on the workspace will become available that will guide you through the process of doing bulk operations.

Performance Optimisation

We have made a couple of changes under the hood to allow OrderEazi to send less data to the browser, which means a faster experience for you using OrderEazi on a daily basis.


  • Barron (updates)

Added the synchronisation of the branding data into OrderEazi's Universal Branding Calculator (UBC).

  • Captivity (new)

New supplier feed for syncs products, pricing, images and stock levels for Captivity.

Minor Updates & Changes

  • Added many updates and enhancements to the process of returning serialised products (Enterprise only)

  • Corrected an issue where the columns and lines on generated documents were rendered incorrectly

  • Updated the VAT values being sent to Xero due to ERROR 7866

  • In specific cases, the total sales and outstanding values for a project were calculated incorrectly

  • We have enhanced the performance and stability of synchronisation of products with our supported accounting systems

  • In some cases, it was impossible to save updates made to an existing supplier

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