The WooCommerce Integrator integrates OrderEazi with WooCommerce to make managing your online store seamless.

Setup Guide


  1. At least one sales channel has to exist.

Usage guide

Setting up the app

  1. Install the WooCommerce app from the App Gallery.

  2. Open the WooCommerce Integrator app.

  3. Add a "REST API" key with "Read/Write" access in WooCommerce.

    1. In WooCommerce, go to WooCommerce > Settings, then go to the Advanced tab.

    2. Go to the "REST API" sub-tab.

    3. Enter a "Description", such as "OrderEazi".

    4. Change the "Permissions" to "Read/Write".

    5. Click on "Generate API key".

  4. Add the REST API credentials in the WooCommerce Integrator app in OrderEazi.

    1. Add the WooCommerce URL in the "Url" text box.

    2. Add the "Consumer Key" created in the previous step in the "Consumer Key" text box.

    3. Add the "Consumer Secret" created in the previous step in the "Consumer Secret" text box.

    4. Click on "Verify".

    5. Wait for the status at the top-right to be "Connection verified".

  5. Select a sales channel from the dropdown box.

  6. Click "Save" to initialize the app.

  7. Dismiss the confirmation dialog and wait for the app to be initialized.

Sending deals to WooCommerce

The "Deals" table contains some features that make it easier for you to find the products you are looking for. Please note that currently, it is only possible to filter on one field at a time.

Before deals can be synced to WooCommerce, the app has to be completely initialized and the WooCommerce API connection has to be verified. You can check the status of the WooCommerce API connection in the connection label at the top-right of the app.

Changing the "Deal price" of a product will sync it to WooCommerce. If the product already exists on WooCommerce, its information (including price) will be updated.

Syncing orders from WooCommerce to OrderEazi

When an order is created on WooCommerce, a project is created for it on OrderEazi. Any subsequent updates or changes to the order from WooCommerce's side will be added as history lines on the OrderEazi project.

On the other hand, certain updates to the OrderEazi project will lead to the order's status being updated in WooCommerce. Currently, the following project updates lead to the following order statuses in WooCommerce:


When a project is completed

The order's status is updated to "Completed"

When a project is cancelled

The order's status is updated to "Cancelled"

When a shipment has been delivered

The order's status is updated to "Completed""

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